Wednesday, December 7, 2011

project kitchen ;)


Some of you may know that for past year we have been renovating our house
and we are turning it to our home.

I finally have some time to share some work we have done

here is the link to my kitchen project - I am adding photos as the work is done ( by me ;) )
anyway the idea is to make my dream kitchen look like
one of the transitional kitchen from

here is my start ;) - wish me luck ;)

since I am nonprofessional carpenter ;) and my knowledge is mainly - "what uncle google tells me" - please do not laugh at me ;)

right now I am stripping the lacquer from the oak wood
and stain it washed white

i like frosted glass so i sprayed it ;)

I found this nice piece of furniture at Marshalls on sale (bottom pic on the left)

and in order to keep the high chair - i reupholster it with nice linen fabric found on

that is also the place i bought vintage decorative nails to finish it ;)

and as of today my kitchen looks like this:


Ute Gabby said...

Good look !
I love how you startet ;)

Lily Fisher said...

thank you !

agawphotography said...

I' sure that the kitchen will e great ! :)

jaycee51 said... are so talented (you must have bundles of energy too tehe!) Good Luck with the project...I predict it's going to look FABULOUS!

Lucie Kopřivová said...


Dawn said...

Hello JJ,

I am so glad you are making such beautiful progress on your home... it is a lot of fun to see your journey. I love the finished kitchen...I enjoy the photos showing that you are doing it all yourself... especially the frosted glass. I hope to do projects like this when we get our own home in the future. I am happy for you and your family. The photos of your daughter are magical... you are so talented and it inspires me to get my camera out as I feel it has been a long time since I have just had fun taking photos.

Sending your family my best holiday wishes... may your home be filled with joy and good health.

Much love,


Seamus Lowe said...

This looks like something my wife would want to do. She's always looking for new projects to do and new remodeling ideas. I try to do as much as I can to help her as well. I usually do the heavy lifting and us the heavy duty power tools. My wife can do it herself but she likes me to do the dirty work.

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