Sunday, February 22, 2009

photo retouch

how to achieve this effect

for Photoshop cs2
Firs Use dust remover tool – neatimage
You can download it here
it will make your photo softer

• brighten

1.Copy picture layer (Ctrl+J)
2. Change top Layer mode to screen + adjust opacity 50 – 80 %
3. Flatten your image (merge the layers)

• lab colors

1. go to top menu – IMGE – mode – change from RGB to lab color
2. Copy picture layer
3. Go to top menu – IMAGE – apply image
4. Channels change for “lab”
5. Blending – soft light opacity – adjust ;)
6. Flatten image
7. Go to top menu -IMAGE – mode change it back to RGB

• Desaturate

1. Copy picture layer (ctrl+J)
2. click Top layer go to top layer IMAGE- adjustment – hue saturation - lower saturation 50%
3. choose soft round eraser – opacity 50% and erase lot layer parts you want to be very colorful like cloths
4. lower the eraser opacity to 10 % and erase the parts of the face you want to stay color chicks, eyes, lips, hear
5. flatten image

• soften
1. Copy picture layer (ctrl+J)
2. Go to top menu filter – blur – Gaussian blur set it to 100
3. Lower top layer opacity 50%
4. Use soft eraser to erase parts you want to stay sharp
5. Unsharp mask – 75%;3,5; 5 ( you can adjust )
6. Flatten image

• Lab colors channel a

1. I liked to change the pink color so:
2. go to top menu – IMGE – mode – change from RGB to lab color
3. Copy picture layer
4. Go to top menu – IMAGE – apply image
5. Channels change for “a”
6. Blending – soft light opacity – adjust ;)
7. I eraser top layer where I wanted the colors to remain
8. Flatten image
9. Go to top menu -IMAGE – mode change it back to RGB
Save it ;)


MichelesDigiDesign said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I'm going to go play. This was so very nice of you!

Angie said...

Oh...thanks for the tutorial! I will have to try this out tomorrow :).

Anonymous said...

Tusen takk! Dette må jeg prøve... mvh Bente

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! That is awesome!!! I LOVE tutorials and this one has such a WONDERFUL EFFECT!!!! HUGS!
Kathi Townzen

Pati said...

O ja juz męcze sie zeby to Ps zainstalowac :) ale mam nadzieje ze sie uda i osiagne takie cudo ja TY :)

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!! I have been eyeing your pics wondering how you do it. I bet you see a lot of "look alikes" over the next few days! Thanks again.

jennie said...

thank you so much!!!!!it's so wonderful that I can do this beautiful effect on my son's pictures!!! great!!!

Monika said...

Fantastic effect, love it so,but my english is to bad...I think I don´t understand all....Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial!!!


PrelestnayaP said...

Thank you for this titorial!!!

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