Sunday, February 8, 2009

sunday in the prospect park

and ... Michele tagged me ;)
I am suppose to tell you 6 interesting things about me ;)

1. My family is international cocktail ;)
I was born in Poland
my husband is from USA but was born in Russia
and we met in Scotland Edinburgh
where we were sent from our Universities
We have our tiny princes Emily Danielle living in NY

2. I was a ballet dancer

3. I use to sing on the weddings (with the band hehehe)

4. I know how the engine works - I am an engineer .... and master of economics

5. Pablo Coelho is my favorite writer

6. I love strawberries, snow, morning cafe, blue eyes and white roses.

if I would be able to be any animal for a day - I would have picked .... being a bird

here are the blogs I would like to tag
My dear friend and coworker Kimla

Sweet Pati



MichelesDigiDesign said...

Your photographs leave me breathless!

And go to my blog....You've been tagged!

MichelesDigiDesign said...

Hi, JJ....thank you so much for the tips on actions. As you know, I am the one who has been "stalking" you since I discovered you at the beginning of this challenge!
I am not really an international challenge....however, my father was from Latvia and my mother's parents were from Lithuania.
And I absolutely love to visit New York....I'd rather go to New York than lie on a beach somewhere!
It is great to meet you and talk to you!
And thank you again.

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